/ Resolution of Commercial Disputes in Russia

VLawyers team specializes in resolving complex commercial disputes in courts of all instances, including the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation

We defend our clients all over Russia and help them find the most efficient ways out of a conflict

We do everything possible for resolving conflicts out of court, as we understand that business should do business, not court proceedings

We have extensive experience in the following areas:

All types of contract disputes

Land and real estate disputes

Corporate disputes

Intellectual property and business reputation protection

Debt recovery, damages and unjust enrichment

– Practices

Representing the largest Russian railway car repair company in the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation in a legal dispute for damages. We won the case, and our position was included in the Review of Judicial Practice of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation for 2022

Representing the leading company in the pipe and wheel industry in Russia in a dispute against the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) of Russia to challenge the FAS decision on bringing our Client to responsibility for setting monopolistic prices for railway wheels

Representing and consulting the former owner of one of the largest construction firms: we have successfully contested the guarantees for over 30 billion rubles and advised the Client on issues relating to the protection of family assets in Russia and abroad

Representing the client in more than 10 disputes against government authorities regarding demolition of the unauthorized constructions on the leased land plot. All of the claims against our client were denied, and the client retained the rights to the leased land and their investments in the project

Representing the beneficiary (one of the founders of the aluminum industry in Russia) of a Russian bank in a corporate dispute for the restoration of corporate control over the bank

Representing a major Russian developer in a legal dispute with its business partner for the invalidation of the investment project financing transactions with the total value over 42 million US dollars

Representing the majority owner of a medical clinic in a corporate conflict with a partner, resulting in the client retaining the business and attracting a new investor

Representing the owner of a large land plot (70 hectares) located in an elite district of the Moscow region in a legal dispute against the Federal Property Management Agency (Rosimushchestvo) and the Federal Security Service (FSS) of Russia for challenging the lease agreement

Представляли интересы собственника крупного земельного участка (70 га), расположенного в элитном районе Подмосковья, в судебном споре с Росимуществом и ФСО РФ об оспаривании договора аренды

/ Bankruptcy and restructuring

We support the bankruptcy procedures from the assessment of prospects and risks of the potential bankruptcy to the distribution of bankruptcy estate both in Russia and abroad

Our experience and extensive practice allow us to protect creditors' and debtors' interests in the best possible way

We conduct asset search and seizure, both in Russia and foreign jurisdictions


Representing one of the largest banks (top-10 of Russian banks) in seven parallel bankruptcy cases and over 100 separate disputes in four Russian regions

Representing a major Russian businessman with claims for over 1 billion rubles in a bankruptcy case against a former partner in Russia and foreign jurisdictions. We successfully contested the exclusion of the only asset worth over 150 million US dollars from the bankruptcy estate

Representing a large bank in eight parallel bankruptcy cases involving companies manufacturing construction materials which belong to the same corporate group

Successfully protecting the interests of a top manager of a Russian bank in courts of all instances in a dispute for bringing him to subsidiary liability for the bank’s debts for over 5 billion rubles

Representing a former shareholder of Svyaznoy (one of the largest retailers of portable audio and photo equipment) in its bankruptcy case

Successfully protecting the client's rights in a dispute on the subsidiary liability of six controlling persons. For the first time in Russian court practice, not only individuals (general directors and participants) were brought to subsidiary liability but also legal entities which were used for creating parallel cash flow, illegal tax evasion scheme, and transfer of business to a clone company

Representing the beneficiaries of a major development company in a dispute on bringing them to the subsidiary liability. All bankruptcy cases were dismissed

Representing a major Austrian bank in relation to the settlement of troubled indebtedness of a large network of gas-filling stations, arising from a syndicated loan

Представляли интересы собственника крупного земельного участка (70 га), расположенного в элитном районе Подмосковья, в судебном споре с Росимуществом и ФСО РФ об оспаривании договора аренды

Representing the client in relation to the structuring of relationships between the shareholders – the owners of a vertically integrated meat production and processing holding in the Russian Federation, the Netherlands, and the Seychelles – who were in conflict with each other and third parties

/ International Arbitration and International Disputes

VLawyers team has extensive experience in conducting arbitration in Russia and abroad, including in the arbitration centers such as the International Commercial Arbitration Court (ICAC), the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), the London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA), the Arbitration Institute of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce (SCC), and the Grain and Feed Trade Association (GAFTA) Arbitration


Representing and consulting the Kazakh client in two arbitration proceedings against the largest Russian telecommunications group related to gaining control over a Kazakh telecommunications company. As a result, the arbitration tribunal discontinued the proceedings due to the lack of jurisdiction

Representing a large manufacturer of large-diameter pipes in ICC in the dispute with a European producer of high-strength steel for more than 130 million euros

Representing a major international bank in Russia and abroad (two arbitrations in LCIA, remedies granted in BVI, disputes in state courts) in a corporate conflict relating to the provision of mezzanine loans to a group of related companies, breach of conditions of the relevant loan agreements and shareholders' agreement by counterparties, and the exercise of put options for the shares

Representing a major international metals trader in a dispute against the world’s largest producer in state courts in Switzerland, the Netherlands, ICC (France), and ICAC of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Representing the Client in a dispute before the ICAC of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry arising from an Agreement for supply of electrode holders with Swiss supplier due to the discovery of hidden defects of the goods

Representing the Client in a corporate dispute against the shareholders of a major MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) (United Kingdom) relating to a breach of the terms of a corporate agreement

Представляли интересы собственника крупного земельного участка (70 га), расположенного в элитном районе Подмосковья, в судебном споре с Росимуществом и ФСО РФ об оспаривании договора аренды

/ Expert Opinions

Our specialists have repeatedly engaged as experts on Russian law in international arbitrations and state courts abroad


We were engaged as experts in GAFTA arbitration (London) in two cases on invalidation of transactions under Russian law and successfully passed the cross-examination

We were engaged as experts on Russian law in a dispute between NLMK and the owner of Maxi Group in the High Court of London

We were engaged as experts on Russian law in LCIA in a dispute for the recovery of damages amounting to 1 billion US dollars from a Cypriot trading company

We were engaged as experts on Russian law in a dispute in the Supreme Court of Ireland involving a global leader in nitrogen production, for which we prepared 16 expert opinions

We were engaged as experts on Russian law to prepare an opinion for the first-instance court of the High Court of Hong Kong on the prospects of recovering the indebtedness under a guarantee agreement from an individual, entered into by a subsidiary of one of the largest pharmaceutical companies

Представляли интересы собственника крупного земельного участка (70 га), расположенного в элитном районе Подмосковья, в судебном споре с Росимуществом и ФСО РФ об оспаривании договора аренды
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